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[13 Dec 2003|10:58pm]
*is catching on that he may be the most neglected and unloved child in Arda*


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[16 Jul 2003|05:56pm]
::declares his undying love for John::

Edit: eats Jen's SOUL -love John
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[22 Jun 2003|03:41pm]
It's like talking to a damn wall with her. >.<

Doesn't help I've had a headache straight since I got out of the lab. I'm angry. Which is new. Sort of. I think I used to get angry, when Thorondir would kill me but I couldn't focus on it.

And I'm making everything move. I've already figured out where half the structural weaknesses in this place are. rests a hand against a support beam and hums, feeling what vibrates acoss the quarters

If I went low enough and hit the right things, I could probably make something go boom, fall down.


Not that I'd do that.


heads to the cellars
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[22 Jun 2003|07:16am]
Apparently I'm brother now.

To the amazing talking fetii. Please god let them be silent babies.
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[20 Jun 2003|07:13am]
"Are you Gondorian" "No"

"Are you elven?" "God no"

"Are you...Rohirric?" "...sure"

"Okay, you can go in"

Blessed world we live in. When one's parent starts acting weird and in pain it's usually best to ignore but the pain part was new. And I remembered gramma telling me about them having places for this sort of thing here. Says she worked at one.

looks around Gondor, trying to ignore Norolinde in the back of the cart

o.o oy vey. big city. am so lost. please don't let mom explode.
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[14 Jun 2003|08:30pm]
sneaks into Noro's room and perches on the chair, checking around to see if the ghost is anywhere around

mooooom. hi mom.
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[31 May 2003|02:48pm]
So Grandma wants to make auntie Trotter and uncle Grima argue for who gets to stay.

She made it sound like some sort of contest and they've (auntie Trotter and uncle Grima) been yelling at eachother all day.

Guess who gets to preside?


I'm cool.

And grandma said she was out of aspirin.
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[30 Apr 2003|05:47pm]
We had to leave Minas Tirith really quickly. But I left a note for my mom explaining!

The note, painstakingly reproduced:

Dear mom - Trotter says he killed a noble and we have to go. Can you tell Alcawyn? Trotter and Gwathren didn't get a chance to say goodbye.


Now everyone is yelling about Mouth.

He hit my head a lot >.< that hurt. I should go say sorry for dropping a roof on him.
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[25 Apr 2003|01:05am]
My mom is nice and swoons a lot. Considering most of my memories of her regard arguing about if I'm dead or not or comments about me being freaky, this visit has so been better then expected.

Gorlim seems nice.

Wow. I think I'll pad out this post with comments about Minas Tirith's architecture.

...or go get something to eat before I go back to panicking over whether mom's gonna get rid of me now that she's getting two more babies.
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[20 Apr 2003|06:22pm]
My name is Quorin and I have a head injury.
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[19 Apr 2003|08:19pm]
I died of malnutrition again.

And since I'm going on a trip to visit mum, they just gave me an older body for once.

I'm so going to get eaten by wargs.

Have been ordered by herr Trotter to cart around heavy bags.

I should go and say goodbyes around the lab. At least find auntie Erendis. Uncle Grima's being depressive about something and Thorondir tries to hurt me.

And I should probably say bye to Mouth. Even if he yelled at me last time we talked. It's the polite thing to do.

slides off the counter where he's been randomly poking at the bags in an attempt to pack them and goes off in search of people

Trotter won't mind if I take just a *little* longer, right? Right.
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[07 Apr 2003|05:02pm]
I was doing my daily patrol/search for something to eat and decided to hit up auntie Trotter for a lift.

Interesting trick for opening the doors around here. Telekenisis. Use it. Love it.

IT WAS TERRIBLE. I think Thorondir and auntie Erendis were fighting or something because they kept insulting eachother and they were sort of AND THEY WERE DOING IT ON AUNTIE TROTTER'S BED.

Looking for Auntie Trotter to tattle inform and get food. So glad this place has no stairs.
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[21 Sep 2002|12:06pm]
Still at Grandma's. It's been busy, but I've found stuff to occupy myself. Like the 'knock over the Thuringwethil statue and have Grandma yell while she catches it". It's a great game!

At least, Thorondir told me it was a game. He wouldn't lie, right?

Thuringwethil seems nice. Right before she turned to stone with Auntie Trotter and that mean guy who swore a lot she kept picking me up and watching me. Grandma said she was supposed to 'protect' me. So.

I feel like telling you how I've died.

I have died about two times. Once you all saw. Thorondir shot me.

The second happened before I even got a journal. I was still proto-Quorin then. The cool bits like common sense hadn't been added yet. And Thorondir gave me a bottle of paint and told me to dump it on uncle Grima.

So I did.

Right on his hair, too.

Frantic crawl and a baseball bat later, new body time. With the last memory of the noises: *thwack* 'AIEEE' *THUMP*.


That's the many lives of Quorin.

*zooms/crawls off in the direction of Thuringwethil*
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[11 Sep 2002|06:42pm]

Then Grandma shoved me in a new body and is STILL yelling at him.

He deserves it.


*crawls around and watches Mouth of Sauron for a bit*

Where IS everybody?
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[08 Sep 2002|02:56am]
Enjoying being adult. Wandering around, not walking forehead first into tables, not having everyone look like a giant pair of nostrils in the sky...

Wish I knew why I felt something was following me...
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[03 Sep 2002|04:19pm]
Okay. Having three 'grandmas' will make this post a bit harder to understand then it normally would be. So for the sake of convenience, all except for one which will be Ioreth will be referred to by their names as well.

Was talking to grandma Mithy last night. She bears me no ill will. This makes me feel rather pleased.

Then Grandma showed up and the rest is sorta blurry. Can she just say hello like a normal relative? *rubs neck*




Go me.

Wait. Does this mean I'll get drafted now?
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[02 Sep 2002|02:56pm]
[ mood | unhappy ]

So. My other grandmother is here. She says I'm weird. Or at least things about me is weird. I'm getting sick of this. *stamps foot*

I hate my height. I keep walking into the tabletops and counters. *rubs forehead* At least when I was smaller everyone carted me around.

Yes, sulk sulk.

I wanna hug.

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Ioreth needs to learn patience. [28 Aug 2002|05:04pm]
Well, new body. And still not old enough. Grandma's off cursing and writing post-it notes to remind her to wait an entire week.

Uncle Grima is attempting to explain the concept of 'baseball' to me for some strange reason. I think he wants a valid excuse to throw balls at my head. I still want to try it. They give me a heavy wooden object to swing around. Auntie Trotter is going around muttering things about safety equipment.

Grandma says she saw mom and some others coming down the front path on the viewscreens a bit ago, which means I have to come up with some good nagging skills to stay here a bit longer.

Mostly cause Aunt Erendis has nearly chewed through her restraints and I wanna watch her chase uncle Grima around a bit more.

*sits on operating table and swings legs*
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[26 Aug 2002|11:18am]
[ mood | worried ]

Me and mom went visiting yesterday, and she showed me off to a nice lady named Lily Cotton...

Who was also kind enough to a) feed me and b) give me a handy list of things to do since I'd lost the one I'd been handed before we left.

I think mom's going to have a tiny little seizure soon if this keeps up...

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To save time, I have given them all family titles. I think it freaks them out. Yay [24 Aug 2002|11:19am]
Have successfully bonded with adult figures, except possibly aunt Erendis and...Thorondir. Probably because one made a point of telling me what had happened to her other children and the other outright despises me.

Uncle Grima has, between poking me with sticks and making comments about me being dinner, been giving me toys. And patting me nicely on the head when no one is looking.

Auntie Trotter keeps fluttering around trying to make sure my head doesn't get snapped off and grandma is currently ignoring me in favour of a big mug of coffee.

Apparently I'm going to spend the next week with my mom. Feel urge to constantly mention uncle Grima or Thorondir in glowing terms to see her do that little facial twitch thing.

Come, bunny. We must go forth.
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